Minimalist Living

When we chose to move into an RV for the second time, we decided it was important to only keep the things that matter most. And after a few years of living small, we have learned it’s more about the journey and less about the stuff that makes it.

How to downsize and begin to live within your means

How to downsize and begin to live within your means

Downsizing may seem like the opposite direction of the world but we’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be. Living a more simple life can bring joy to your home as you worry less about the clutter and more about the people you love and the things you like to do.

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Johnson Family

No one can ever predict where their life will end up. Our journey has gone from jobs to owning our own business, from a house to living in a RV full time with 3 kids. But our love for each other and determination to reach our goals has always pulled us through. Follow our journey of Dreaming Big & Living Small.




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