Dreaming Big Living Small


A family of six living in less than 1000 sq ft quickly learns how to work around each other. But it does take some practice. Find out how we live, what we do for the children’s schooling, and things we do to live more naturally.

Balance for the Christmas Holidays

Finding a balance during the Christmas holidays

The Christmas holidays are upon us again. The stress of gifts, the joy of music, and the overwhelm of family. It all seems too much. However, there are a few ways you can balance the needs and wants of your family over the holiday season. In this article, I tell you how we added balance to our holidays.

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Family play time

Building a stronger family to face the trials of today

The family today is under constant attack. Many outside forces are trying to split it apart. Then there are so many internal stresses. It’s no wonder that so many families are falling apart. In this article, I discuss a few ways we have been working on strengthening our family against the trials of today.

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No one can ever predict where their life will end up. Our journey has gone from jobs to owning our own business, from a house, living in a RV, and a small home on 10 acres with our four children. But our love for each other and focus to reach our goals has always pulled us through. Our blog covers our journey of living small while dreaming big, helping others achieve the prepared homestead life they desire.