Bonnie's Chicken Dish

Bonnie’s Chicken Dish

Bonnie’s chicken is a simple oven casserole that our children absolutely love. It’s an extremely simple recipe that works easily with substitutions or adjustments.

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Why we homeschool

Why we homeschool our children

Our journey of homeschooling started four years ago. While it hasn’t been picture perfect and we’ve made many changes in those four years, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have had the opportunity to learn and grow right along with our kids and encourage others to do the same.

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Basic White Bread

Basic white bread

When it comes to making your own homemade bread, there is no simpler place to start than with a basic white bread recipe. And nothing beats a hot fresh slice of bread with a little butter. This article gives you a simple recipe that can even be made with food storage supplies.

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Sewing With Kaylee - Doll and Machine

Sewing with Kaylee

Is sewing an essential skill? For some, it is. Where would we be without those who make all the clothing we find in the stores or the blankets to keep us warm at night? I know over the years I’ve had the hems on different shirts come undone or pant legs that are way too long for my short legs. Without the ability to sew, I would easily have had to throw away some of my favorite shirts or I’d have ended up walking on the end of my pant legs.

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Food Storage Basics

Food Storage Basics

We all hear about food storage and ‘prepping’. But the thought of creating your food storage is often overwhelming. So much money to spend, what to buy, and so much more. This article introduces you to basic food storage and my shortcut to growing yours.

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Meet the family

Johnson Family

No one can ever predict where their life will end up. Our journey has gone from jobs to owning our own business, from a house to living in a RV full time with 3 kids. But our love for each other and determination to reach our goals has always pulled us through. Follow our journey of Dreaming Big & Living Small.




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